Vivid sculpt, art, canvas prints, canvas
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ViViD Sculpt

Fine art Paintings and Sculptures

Vivid Sculpt is inspired by the fluidity of form and creativity whether digitally, 3D, 2D, or any new innovation within the world of Fine Art. With art being the ultimate form of expression of the unspeakable, the works within this site are not just for home decor

The range of works varies from photorealism, abstract, surrealism, metal wall art, canvas prints, and sculptures. 

All works are available as canvas prints ( Originals posted in IG for direct purchase from artist ) and sculptures are one-off pieces and never replicated.

  • Mixed Media Abstract Art Work

  • Canvas Art Oil Painting Decor

  • visual Artist Sculptures Acrylic Pour

  • Portraits 

  • Art Installations

  • Graffiti Art

  • Pop Art

Located USA Florida Boca Raton