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Art has always been a part of my life, it's my place of solitude and happiness. For as long as I can remember painting, sculpting, and creating have come naturally. My first recollection of putting pencil to paper was at the age of 4 and drawing a lion. 

I bounced between studying law, getting my GC License, and trying to find something to ground me for the future. I went to law school for a couple of years, even though I excelled and it came naturally to me, my heart was not there, I didn't have a passion for it; so I stopped and went to do my degree in Fine Art and History, that being said, my tutors didn't have anything they could teach me and I was left to my own devices to experiment and advance on what I already knew.

Having done several exhibitions and winning an award for innovation in art, by combining scientific data and research into an art installation piece, I was offered a full scholarship to do my masters. But art is from the soul and with nothing more to learn technically, tired of researching and writing papers; moving on seemed to be the natural step; as too many artists who study for too long, observing their favorite artists, lose their own self-identity and style.

Years went by and I did a variety of jobs from management, to working on construction sites, care homes, and editing. Through all the movement, within creative fields, we have the need to move, explore, learn, and understand the micro/macrocosm of life and existence. Over time,  I found myself on a cross Atlantic journey to start a new life, but it was not smooth sailing. This journey was filled with adventure, self-growth, finding myself, and becoming me.

I now find myself gravitating back to my passion, which is in my DNA, my place of peace and happiness.


So within the pages of this site, you will find an array of works from all mediums and styles. It ranges from abstract, surrealism, photorealism, landscape, portrait, comic, pop art, acrylic, oil, canvas art, prints, metal art, glass art, sculptures, wood art. Last but not least, commissioned pieces for which you can buy the canvas prints

ViViD Sulpt is an online treasure trove of original, print and commissioned works for the refined art connoisseur. Each original work is a form of pure expression, innovation, depth and aesthetic beauty.

With a range of collections by color, medium and story, the works will suit any pallet.


For commissions and custom pieces please contact ViViD Sculpt for pricing and sketch works.