Updated: Nov 9, 2020

OK.....So like most #artist I want to get my work out there and seen by the masses, but in a #world where everyone and the kitchen sink is online, social media and in their back yard pitching a tent and sending out "#here is my art smoke signals", HOW DO YOU GET NOTICED??!!!. Truth is, a lot of it boils down to marketing, marketing, marketing. OK so now we know what we have to do right? yeah!!! so where to start, is it SEO, Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, twitter........ what about a dope website. Well to be honest all of it is right one way or another, you just got to organize it. So no matter if your style is #abstract #art, surrealism like the late great Salvador Dali, pop art or the newest trend of the ACRYLIC POUR on #canvas, wood, metal,

You simply just have to start and once you do everything else will fall in to place, it just takes a little time...

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